Ben's Personal Development Guide - Inner and Outer Health

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Ben's Personal Development Guide - Inner and Outer Health

Ben W.
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If you ever wanted to get better in certain aspects of your life both mentally and physically, then this 95 page eBook is for you.

I have compiled my writings on how to develop your inner and outer health by concentrating on the fundamentals such as committing to exercise, learning new languages, traveling by yourself, and practicing good habits like self-sufficiency and perseverance.

With over 28,000 words of great content that I have compiled from over three years of writing, this personal development guide will help you get in the right mindset and forge the right attitudes in order to develop both mentally and physically. 

This eBook guide is meant for those readers looking for some inspiration and for some examples of how to get out of a rut and to be moving forward towards a new goal. If you ever wanted to put the TV remote control down and pick up a new hobby, I give you some real suggestions on where to begin and how to commit to a goal once you get started.

Good luck and let's get started today!


Table of Contents

1. Hitting the Gym: A Test of Willpower 

2. The Benefits of Learning A Foreign Language

3. The Importance of Community 

4. The Value of Perseverance

5. A Short Guide to Teaching English Overseas 

6. The Ripple Effect 

7. On Self-Sufficiency

8. Walks in The Park 

9. A Wealth of Knowledge 

10. The Limits of Perception 

11. Dealing with Adversity 

12. The Fear of the Unknown 

13. Moments of Quiet Reflection 

14. The Art of Traveling Solo 

15. The View from The Top 

16. Being Sentimental 

17. Why You Should Learn to Cook in Your 20’s 

18. Steve Jobs – ‘On Failure’ 

19. Reaching the Gold Standard 

20. How You Think Affects Everything You Get 

21. Five Steps to Make Language Gains Quickly 

22. The Need for Critical Thinking 

23. Cultivating A Sense of Wonder 

24. Upholding Traditions 

25. The Power of Mentorship 

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You'll get 95 pages and 25 different articles writing by me over a three-year period covering personal development topics from fitness to travel to mindset. Hope you will enjoy this self-development guide and all the great information inside!

25 Different Articles on Personal Development
How to Travel By Yourself
Getting Yourself In The Right Mindset
Why Cooking In Your 20's Is Vital
Language Learning Tips for New Students
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