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Hello, I am an Entrepreneur in Online Education focusing on English as a Second Language Studies. I offer online courses and eBooks on English grammar, Business English, and English writing. I also recently released my first personal development guide.

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Listening Tips - Watching Short Videos When You Get Started (For Beginners)

Grammar Tip - Differences and Similarities Between Must / Have to / Should (Verbs of Urgency)

Writing Tip - Using Your Phone to Record Notes and Reminders

Vocabulary Tip - Starting Off Any Email The Right Way

Speaking Tip - Take Notes After Each Spoken Encounter

Reading Tip - The Many Benefits of Crossword Puzzles for Learning English

Blog Post - English Winter Vocabulary from A to Z

Listening Tip - Wait Until The Speaker Is Finished Before Jumping In

Blog Post - English Summary Vocabulary from A to Z

Grammar Tip - Substitutes for 'We / They' As Plural Pronouns

Writing Tip - The Double Meaning of Prepositions - Example #1 (With / At)

Vocabulary Tip - On Running Daily Errands

Speaking Tip - Play The Game of '20 Questions'

Reading Tip - Advertisements, Billboards, Paper Flyers, and Much More

Blog Post - Creating a Business Card

Blog Post - The Basics of Writing

Listening Tip - Make Sure to Use Audio Exercises When You Practice English

Blog Post - Using Prefixes -Un, -In, -Il to Begin Words

Writing Tip: Daily Notetaking to Keep Track of Errands or To Make To-Do Lists

Vocabulary Tip - Know Your Command Words

Grammar Tip - When to Use He / She / It for Our Pronoun(s) Expressions

Speaking Tip - Sit Down for Interviews Where Topic(s) Are A Mystery

Listening Tip - Slowing Down or Speeding Up Video Speed for Better Comprehension

Reading Tip - Read Passages or Excerpts in English with Your Native Language Alongside It

Listening Tip - Using Subtitles or Dubbing Video Games into English to Improve Comprehension

Grammar Tip - How Do We Make Singular Nouns Possessive?

Writing Tip - Write About Daily or Weekly Observations of the World Around You

Vocabulary Tip - More Sports Sentences and Examples for Practice

Speaking Tip - Do Not Be Afraid to Strike Up A Conversation

Reading Tip - Understanding Legal and Other Forms of Formal Documentation

Listening Tip - Going to Coffee Shops to Listen to Other People (Poetry Slams, Speaking Events, etc.)

Grammar Tip - Exceptions to the Rule of Countable and Uncountable Nouns

Writing Tip - How to Address Someone in an Email

Vocabulary Tip - The Basics of Studying and Working Abroad in English-Speaking Countries

Speaking Tip - Making A Toast For Someone You Know

Reading Tip - Checking Out the Sports Pages

Listening Tip - Check Out Different Music Genres

Grammar Tip - The Many Forms of 'To Be'

Writing Tip - Writing Out Times

Vocabulary Tip - Showing Your Appreciation and Gratitude

Speaking Tip - Ask Somebody For Help If You Need It

Reading Tip - Explore Your Local Library and Get A Library Card Too

Grammar Tip - The Relation of Personal Pronouns to Subject and Object Pronouns

Writing Tip - Consistent Practice as in Writing Ten Sentences Per Day

Vocabulary Tip - The Best Topics for Small Talk

Speaking Tip - Try Your Best to Be Charismatic

Reading Tip - Try Interpreting Graphs, Tables, and Spreadsheets

Listening Tip - Going to a Live Performance Like A Play or A Concert

Grammar Tip - The Role of Determiners in Defining Definite and Indefinite Articles

Writing Tip - Form A Small Writing Group to Meet and Practice Together

Vocabulary Tip - A Visit to the Hospital (What to Do and What to Say)

Speaking Tip - Highlight A Different Topic Each Week

Reading Tip - The Need for Speed Reading (Time Your Reading Speed)

Listening Tip - Mastering The Ability to Follow Directions

Grammar Tip - Forming The Future Perfect Progressive Tense (Structure + Usage)

Writing Tip - The Basics of Writing a Report

Vocabulary Tip - Organize Words by Alphabet Order (A to Z)

Speaking Tip - Having a Coffee and a Conversation

Reading Tip - Test Yourself with the News Ticker and News Chyron

Listening Tip - The Best Way to Remember Directions

Grammar Tip - Forming The Present Perfect Progressive Tense (Structure + Usage)

Writing Tip - Write In Those Places That Inspire You

Vocabulary Tip - Asking for Forgiveness from Others

Idiom of the Week: 'Keeping It Pretty Close to the Chest'

Speaking Tip - Pick Up The Phone and Call Someone (Friend, Family, or New Acquaintance)

Reading Tip - Why You Should Give Written Interviews A Chance

Listening Tip - Don't Interrupt Before Your Counterpart(s) Finish Speaking

Grammar Tip - Forming The Past Perfect Progressive Tense (Structure + Usage)

English Word of the Day - 'Festive'

Writing Tip - Making Journaling A Daily Habit

Vocabulary Tip - Visiting the Grocery Store

Speaking Tip - Being Able to Repeat and/or Memorize Song Lyrics

Reading Tip: Handling Basic and More Complex Sentences

English Word of the Day - 'Stupendous'

Listening Tip - The Cacophony of Noise (Listening in Public Places)

Grammar Tip - What to Do When You Have Multiple Adjectives in a Sentence (Correct Order)

Writing Tip - Find Some Time In Your Busy Day to Write (Morning, Afternoon, or Night)

Vocabulary Tip - Giving Directions to Someone

Speaking Tip - The Art of the Five Minute Presentation (No Notes or Visual Aids)

Reading Tip - Basics of Reading Words with One or More Syllables

Grammar Tip - Using Compound Prepositions in Sentences

Writing Tip - Get an Outside Opinion from a Classmate, Colleague, or Professor (First Read-Through)

Vocabulary Tip - Asking for Directions from Someone

Speaking Tip - How to Give Your Opinion to Someone

Reading Tip: What are Reading Contexts? (Leisure v. Functional)

Listening Tip - The Utility of Listening to Sports Broadcasts

Grammar Tips - What are Conjunctive Adverbs?

Writing Tip - Writing Out Names

Vocabulary Tip - Going to the Pharmacy

Speaking Tip - Giving a Good Presentation on a Topic

Reading Tip - Understanding Unknown Vocabulary Words Using Sentence Context - Compare and Contrast

Listening Tip - Write Down What You Hear

Grammar Tip - An Introduction to 'Double The Word'

Writing Tip - Put In The Effort to Be Published

Speaking Tip - Asking for Help at the Grocery Store

Reading Tip - Devote a Block of Time Per Day to Read

Listening Tip - Expose Yourself to Hearing Different Accents

Grammar Tip - The Basics of Using the Passive Voice

Grammar Tip - The Basics of Using The Active Voice

Writing Tip - Making Your Opinion Known to the Reader

Vocabulary Tip - Types of Doctors and Medical Professionals

Speaking Tip - Make Sure to Repeat Yourself to Improve Pronunciation

Reading Tip - Children's Books are a Good Place to Start

Listening Tip - Mastering the English Alphabet through Listening and Repetition

Grammar Tip - Can You Use The Same English Word Back to Back? It Depends.

Vocabulary Tip - Making Future Plans with New Friends or Colleagues

Reading Tip - Read The Subtitles for Movies and TV

English Speaking Tip - Speak with Authority on Topics You Care About

English Listening Tip - Give It Your Full Attention (No Distractions)

English Grammar Tip - Rules of Colon Usage

Spot That English Error Series on YouTube

English Writing Tip - The Basics of Email Etiquette

English Vocabulary Tip - Minding Your Manners

English Grammar Tip - Understanding Verb Moods Better

English Listening Tip - The Utility of Listening to News Broadcasts

English Reading Tip - The Joy of Poetry

'My Top 25 English Tips for You' Free Guide

English Listening Tip - Using Audiobooks to Listen Along to The Story, Passage, or Article

English Grammar Tip - Good vs. Well

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